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How to use Social Media to Get a Flood of Clients

Social media has become a crucial component when it comes to attracting clients. We no longer rely solely on print ads, radio, television commercials, and all the other traditional marketing methods to keep the public in tune with our products and services. Why? Well, we live in a digital world where people are attached to their smartphones for the better part of the day. Most people regularly use multiple social media platforms each day, and at that, several times a day. Whether they’re browsing during their free time, during slow times at work, during their daily commute, and just about any part of the day is where one’s ADD kicks in.

Once businesses started realizing that social media has taken over the human attention span, the new problem to solve was how to engage a potential customer long enough to take a social media post and convert it into revenue. Figuring out the answer was the bad news. The good news: it costs way less on the marketing budget to utilize social media as the company’s primary source of advertising products and services than the traditional methods. Seems easy enough but now let’s go over how to use social media to get a flood of clients!


Branding is not just about the graphic component or logo you use for your business. It goes above and beyond the aesthetics and right into the experience you’re providing for your audience. You want your logo, website, and social media pages to be relative to one another. That goes hand in hand with the customer service experience your company provides as well. In other words, how your customer perceives your business as a whole is how your brand will be classified.


Each social media platform can be useful no matter what industry you’re in, but you have to understand which social media platform is right for your company in order to attract your target consumers. Not every social media page is going to work for your business. That’s why it’s crucial that you learn what’s working in your particular industry and utilize that platform as best you can. If what you offer is a service, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook may work better whereas companies who sell products can see a better ROI using Pinterest or Instagram.


Once you’ve determined which social media platforms work best for your type of business, it’s time to plan your content. The best way to strategize the kind of content you should schedule is by browsing around and notate what is being posted by your target consumers on the various social media channels. You want to make sure you’re staying up-to-date with trends and use the same lingo. People will gravitate towards what they’re familiar with and then it’s up to you to engage them.

Using a content calendar to plan your posts is ideal because it’s an organized form of planning your social media marketing based on the best time of day, week, month and really right down to the time of day. Just like car traffic on the roads, there is internet traffic. That being true, understand that there are various “rush hour” times. You want to:

Schedule posts during high traffic or “rush hour” times.

Decide how many posts you would like throughout the day/week/month.

Include relative hashtags on each scheduled posts.


Using a service to schedule your content is the most efficient way to manage your social media posts. It enables you to take your time and select engaging content ahead of time rather than scrambling around the internet each day to find what you should post.

Reporting Tools

When you use a service to manage your social media content, you have the ability to run reports that will show you a breakdown of what’s working for you and what’s not working. The reports analyze views, clicks, comments, shares, engagement, and other categories depending on the management service or software you’re using. Most social media channels offer their own reporting tools as well that allow you to play with options that help you target your audience by age, race, gender, location, interests, and that’s just to name a few of the wide variety of targeting options. These sharp reporting tools will help you get a flood of clients by helping you strategize your social media marketing efforts.


Social media marketing can truly help you gain a lot of customers when you use the methods mentioned above and ensure that you are using high-resolution images and videos to capture your customer’s attention. Be sure to interact with your audience by replying to comments and stay consistent. Entice your audience to interact with you by ending your post with a suggested call to action. Make sure your call-to-action buttons are visible and attractive to the wandering eye. Remember that in today’s day and age, our eyes tend to scan quickly, and you don’t want anyone to miss a way to connect with your business.

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